Private Retreats



What is this private retreat about?

The Dolphin’s Way Private Retreats aspire to nurture you through a personal healing journey assisted by dolphin consciousness. These Private Retreats are ideal for:

-People who are going through a shift and transformation in life
-People who need gentle support and quiet time to be on their own in a nurturing environment
-Detox and healing retreat for people with health issues


What will you receive from the retreat?

You will experience a wonderful journey of being around dolphin energy. In this retreat, you will

-Get started with daily practice to nurture your body, mind, spirit
-Connect to your inner self through visualisation and guided meditation
-Get clear on your conscious living and lifestyle choices
-Create your own life story and co-create your dream life
-Trust yourself and choose the right path for you

How will you feel?

You will feel inspired and empowered to life live with passion and purpose. After facing your fears and personal issues, you will feel great about living a happy and peaceful life. You will feel the love and support by the community and friends. You will feel strong to go on to a new life with confidence. You will feel the harmony with yourself.

What is the purpose of this retreat?

This retreat aim to provide a space of loving support and experiences of healing and growth. It also aims to assist a spiritual transformation for individuals who want to develop further in their consciousness. Going into retreat can help you reprogram old patterns and habits and provide insight you might not have experienced before. It holds space for healing and can be a very transformative experience.


Where would we go for retreat?

We are based in India at the moment. The retreat location can be arranged in South India. It is all depending on your preferences and budget.

How much would the retreat cost?

Here is some samples of retreat programme and estimated costs:

3 Day Retreat

*Watsu healing alignment
*7 bodies exercises
*Guided Meditation
*Life support consultation

250 euros per person including accommodation and food

One-Week Retreat

*Watsu healing alignment
*7 bodies exercises
*Guided Meditation
*Life support consultation
*Massage Therapy
*Transformational Ceremonies

500 euros per person including accommodation and food

10-Day Retreat

*Watsu Healing Alignment
*7 Bodies Exercises
*Guided Meditation
*Life Support Consultation
*Massage Therapy ( Lomi Lomi or Reflexology)
*Transformational Ceremonies
*Life Review and Scripting Exercises
*Workshops and Events

580 euros per person including accommodation and food

What would be the next step?

If you feel called to experience the retreat, fill out this questionnaire.

Enjoy the freedom to choose from the menu of our offerings and select dates! We will soon work on your personalised retreat in your preferred environment.