Dolphin Retreat in Egypt


Join us to free yourself… live your life the dolphin’s way!!! 

Come discover and enjoy a dream week aboard with us in a yacht in which we will all live over a week for the exceptional encounter wild dolphins, in one of the clearest water in the world.

A unique journey to stay together, relax and have exceptional encounters with wild dolphins and other marine animals at the Egyptian Red Sea.


Would you like to relax and swim with the dolphins in the crystal clear turquoise waters? We have planned a dolphin retreat for your body, mind and soul. We will stay on the sea for a whole week  with a private boat for a group of dolphin lovers, just like you.

This is where we will be and how our private boat looks like


The main purpose of the trip is encountering with groups of dolphins. The most common are the long-beaked dolphins (Stenella longirostris) and the best known dolphins (Tursiops truncatus). These dolphins are fully free and living in the calm waters of desert islands. So the experience will be even more exciting as we will be in their natural environment.

We will embark on a yacht for a week to visit several of the most special places in the Egyptian Red Sea and discover many of its secrets- the transparency, the colors, the richness of life in the coral reefs, incredible sunsets and starry sky.

You will experience dolphins healing baths which will be equipped with snorkels. We will be in touch and observe dolphins in their natural environment as long as we are welcome. Discover the fauna and flora of the beautiful coral reefs.

During the trip we will have daily Dolphin Energy Practices with Creative Meditations, Connections, Activations  and with energy  healing techniques of Dolphin Consciousness for our Inner Growth and Development.

It will be an unique journey to live together, relax and have exceptional encounters with dolphins and other marine animals at the Egyptian Red Sea.

Dolphin Family invites you to swim with them in the sea for energy healing and many blessings! ♥ ♥ ♥ ORGANIZERS: ARIMA Delfin and The Dolphin’s Way

The date of the retreat: 1-13 Aug, 2017. The price of this retreat is 1500 euros, which includes:

• Transfers and transportation all included
• Boat Cruise: 7 nights / 8 days cruise in Boat-Yacht in double cabins with Bathroom and air conditioning.
• Full board throughout the trip
• Soft Drinks
• Travel Insurance
• Crew: Serving the group and Egyptian guide Instructor specialised in dolphins
• Routes Reef and Marine Parks Egyptian Red Sea
• Talks and explanations on marine biology
• Discover Scuba Diving: A bottle diving baptism (For those who wish)
• Snorkel Classes: For those who are unfamiliar with snorkeling
• Swimming with dolphins in a very respectful way
• DOLPHIN ARIMA Activities: Yoga, Meditation and Energy Activation of Dolphin Consciousness.

Download the brochure ARIMA DOLPHIN  for detailed itinerary and programmes.

As we have very limited places on our private yacht, please reserve your place now!