Nadi Leaf Retreat

Have you had a desire to find out your life story designed by God or the Divine? Have you had repetitive life struggles and sufferings that nobody seems to know why and no one seems to be able to help you?


Maybe you have heard of Akashic Records, which is written from higher dimensions and this record might have the answer that you have been looking for in your life since a long time. Nadi Leaves were written by the enlightened sages, who were connected to the Source/God, which recorded your life events – the past, present and future. It is as if God whispers to the sages about you, all the details of your life. These readings will help you to pinpoint issues about your health, career, finance, love, relationships and family.


The Nadi Leaf Retreat will help you with your current life crisis, dilemmas or struggles, which probably have not been figured out by yourself or other people. You will be able to source higher power and use the information given from Nadi Leaf to sort our your problems. Furthermore, you will understand who you REALLY are and what you came to the world to DO.

Come and spend 7 days in India with the Nadi Gurus and teachers who will help you with your mystic journey embraced by the saint power and inspiration.

In this retreat, you will be consulting the Nadi Leaf about your general life blueprint and another Chapter that contains the secrets to your life mysteries.

From our past experiences working with Nadi Gurus, sometimes some difficulties might occur when processing the information given by the Nadi Leaves. These could be caused by resistance to acceptance of fate, emotional and subconscious blockages that you hold on to for a long time or something that is beyond the comprehension of human mind. Therefore, we have arranged teachers will would guide you through meditation and Q&A sessions for you to get questions answered about all the mystical and sometimes puzzling or pressing questions about your life/ life purpose.

Apart from our meditation and orientation sessions with the teacher, we have also organised visits to Auroville, Matri Mandir, organic farm, art & craft centres and Pondicherry (a beautiful French colonial town).

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1:
Arrival to Chennai airport, then 3 hours ride to a seaside resort near Pondicherry

dune-02_scrDay 2:

Nadi Leaf Orientation & evening meditation session (Ayurvedic treatment, massage and therapy optional)



Day 3: Morning Nadi Leaf Reading and Afternoon visit to Aurovilledownload


Day 4: Morning meditation, second Nadi Leaf Reading & evening class


Day 5: Morning meditation at Inner Chamber of Auroville & afternoon visits to Organic Farm & Art centres


Day 6:

Morning meditation, a day by the beach, massage/therapy (optional) or extra Nadi session


Day 7: Pondicherry & Sri Aurobindo Ashram (Check-out & departure)


Day 8: Fire Homa/ Pilgrimage (optional, for those who wishes to extend the journey)


Day 9: Bharatanatyam/ Pilgrimage (optional)



Day 10: Departure



1. We have planned a 7 day retreat and it could be extended to 10 days if you wish to take on your pilgrimage journey or simply just to spend more time on your own or explore India.

2. Matri Mandir entry is limited daily and it is not open to public on Tuesday. It requires everyone to personally register. During the trip, it could happen that due to excessive number of registration, one can not enter.

3. In India, time and space reality might be very different from where you come from or what you are used to. For example, punctuality is something that people tend to take lightly. Please bare in mind about these differences and be understanding when unexpected event happens.

4. After the reading, Nadi leaves will recommend some Nadi remedies for each individual.  It is the work of the divine and sages which helps to eliminate the barrier, increase the blessing in your life. Please consider if you would like to take the remedies which may lead to a pilgrimage. It is a voluntary choice. We could help arrange your pilgrimage, and some temples that are recommended by the sages to you could be within 100- 200 km of distance. After opening the leaves, everyone gets different remedies for their unique life situations, the number of worship the temple will not be the same. This pilgrimage takes 2-3 days (because this section is only available after reading Nadi leaves, please arrange your own return time, as appropriate, if you wish to go on the journey).

Dates: 8-14 SEP, 2017, 23-29 Nov, 2017 & 14-20 Feb, 2018

(dates flexible and could be arranged on demand)

What is included:

• Driver / tour tip
• Air-conditioned van/ car
• 6 nights accommodation ( based double occupancy)
• Breakfasts
• All activities in Auroville and Pondicherry
• 1 mineral water per guest per day
• Nadi Guru, teacher and guides’ stay and meals & 2 Nadi readings

Nadi leaf reading 2 chapters included:
• General Chapter- Life Blueprint, Present and Forecast of immediate future life
• Karma Chapter- the details of past life and how to solve the karma’s play on current life’s struggle

The retreat does not include:
• Early check-in / late check-out fee (check-out time is 12:00 pm)
• International Ticket
• Indian visa
• travel insurance
• Lunches and dinners
• Room refrigerator consumption, wine, laundry, phone calls and other personal expenses
• Costs due to flight delays / cancellations or any natural disasters
• Single room rate difference. Please be sure to inform in advance to ensure availability.
• Additional Nadi leaf reading fees

If you wish to know more about Nadi Astrology, here is an interview that I have done with our Nadi Guru- Rajendran. He will talk about the information, history and how it works.



If you wish to hear my personal Nadi reading experience, please check this video out.

Please contact me if you need more information.