Dolphin Birthing

There are people from all parts of the world being called through their visions and dreams to birth their babies around dolphins. This phenomenon has been found happening around the Black sea, Red sea, Hawaii, Bahamas, India, etc. The ancient Greek word for dolphin is related to the word delphys (delphus) meaning ‘womb’.

It is believed that dolphins are ‘the midwives of the ocean’  and have healing powers recognised by many ancient cultures.

As the advantages of underwater birth became clear, and the therapeutic value of dolphins was demonstrated, the concept of humans birthing underwater with dolphins developed.   

Since birthing in water is beneficial, and dolphins are able to heal or improve a wide range of medical conditions, it is reasonable to suppose that their presence at water births could be beneficial. (sourced from Sirius Institute).

The phenomenon of Dolphin-Assisted Birth has gained popularity over the last decades although it has begun since the early 60s. The most well-known projects are the Sirius Institute ( based in Hawaii from  and the birth camp by Dr. Igor Charkovsky in the warm water of the Black Sea.

Why are humans drawn to the contact with dolphins? Here is a video of Joan Ocean, the founder of the organization – “Dolphin Connection” ( explaining this phenomenon of dolphin-human connection.

To till now, we have found very few documented resources about this dolphin birthing phenomenon. As far as we know, there have been more than 40 women went to Hawaii to birth their children around the dolphins. They are inspired through their birthing journeys and some share their experiences through this Dolphin-Assited Birth Documentary.

Being one of these women who experienced the magic of dolphin-assisted birth, I was encouraged to write my story. After some years of investigating, I realised how powerful this birthing experience was. I returned to Hawaii to gather more information and this book is written. Some other women’s empowered birthing journeys are also interviewed and documented in this book.

Dolphin-Empowered Birth- Journey into Love, Trust & Surrender

A dolphin-led journey starting out from childhood contacts with dolphins on her home island. Inspired by the dolphins, she decided changing her academic career path to fulfilling her dream of world-travelling. Through her baby steps of going out in the world, she gained confidence and started dreaming bigger to birthing her baby around dolphins in Hawaii.

It is a calling from the dolphins, to wake her up to her true life purpose. She took the ride and journeyed into the spirit of love, trust and surrender. The book is a journey of how an ordinary woman overcomes her cultural conditioning to go out to the world and follows her dreams. There are many inspiring lessons that she learnt from world travelling, pregnancy, natural birth and dolphins. These life messages came through her as a way of living, an art of living, in the dream way, the Dolphin’s Way.


The purpose of this book is to empower women on the journey of welcoming new lives to the world and make their births beautiful and unforgettably amazing experiences.

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I want to take this dolphin journey!


Book Review by Stephany Hernandez:

“I loved your story. It is personal and real and inspiring. I was touched by your honesty and your zest for life. I have always loved dolphins and feel they are magical and spiritual. I had watched a birth with dolphins and found it to be so beautiful. I love your connection to them and the messages and visions they gave you. As a mother I know the fears and struggles you went through and your book is a glorious statement for all mothers, actually all parents.

You have a beautiful gift for writing and I admire your strength to share you inner thoughts and open yourself to the world, I believe your book will inspire many people and open eyes to the true nature of the gift the dolphins give us. Your passion and love of life and family is encouraging and I think you are a brilliant author. Thank you for sharing your story and your life with me.”

Book Review by Michelle Hazelwood:

“I love the way you take your readers into viewing your situations from all aspects. You exhibited compassion, not only for others, but for yourself. You went from judging to showing how you could change the world by allowing and being a bright example. A particularly poignant event/example of this was when it hit you that you had failed in your birth experience. Whoa…..powerful guilt trip there! But you made the powerful choice to turn it completely around and realize what a magnificent success you were in creating the perfect scenario in which to welcome dear little Nalia into this world!

Our Dolphin friends surely show us every day so many ways to live joyfully too – whether we can be in their physical presence or not. While everyone is not call to live the life of travel you (and I) have been living, I know they will be able to derive, from your example, how to make their own powerful choices enabling them to live their own personal version of a joyous life….like the Dolphins!”