Dolphin Pregnancy

After my transformative birthing experience in Hawaii and retreat in the Amazonian jungle, I realised that my purpose of life was to dedicate to this work in assisting women birth in their empowering way and babies to be born naturally, gently and non-traumatic.


After this realisation, I decided to go back again to Hawaii 2 and half years after birth to learn deeper about dolphin birthing and work with a group of doulas and midwives.

My childhood connection with dolphins and my regular swims with wild dolphins in Hawaii has deepened my understanding of their world and how we can apply their positive energy and consciousness in our birthing journey.

However, I also came to the realisation about the complexity of arranging an ocean birth with the wild dolphins. It has yet to be done after decades of attempts in Hawaii. Still, I could see how these moms were benefited from their prenatal swims or spiritual contact with dolphins. Some mothers even did not have any physical swim with dolphins but could establish the connection through their practice in meditation or visualisation, sometimes through their visions and dreams.

If a pregnant woman, in the state of meditation, looks at a dolphin or swims with them, she opens her unborn child to the passing of unhindered flows of information between the baby and the dolphin. (Joan Ocean in her book ‘Dolphin Connection’)

I have spent years bridging the gap between this dream birth with dolphins and a reachable way of enjoy pregnancy through inner work and positive affirmation inspired by the dolphin energies. A creation of dolphin-assisted birth, from sea to land, has been evolving.

One of the biggest thing in birth is to deal with the Fear of Birth. I have worked and researched many years to come to a conclusion that it is really about dealing with the fears before the birth so that you can enjoy a safe and peaceful birth. All the information is provided in my programme.

This is a programme that I designed to help this transformation to occur for mothers who can not travel far away to the other side of the world for their dolphin-assisted birth, while at the same time, get to feel empowered and inspired by this beautiful dolphin energy that will help them in the birth.


Inspiring Birth Programme

Inspiring Birth

For some inspiration of dolphin pregnancy, please see this video.