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As a continuation to the birthing phenomenon, we continued to explore what happened to these babies whose mothers had contacts with dolphins either physically or spiritually.

Development of Dolphin Human Babies

Dolphin-Assited Birth Project- 95% the births studied by Sirius Institute in Hawaii over the last 30 years were natural births without medical complications. Babies were born healthy, alert and aware.

According to Igor Smirnoff, their research director, water babies develop six months faster over their first two years and development of waking, talking etc. occur earlier. 

According to Elena Tonetti, who managed the Black Sea birth project for several years, the children are also ambidextrous.

Characteristics of babies born with prenatal contacts with dolphins

These babies are reported to be telepathic empathic, high intelligent and super healthy – ‘Healthiest babies in the world’ as described “Dolphin Connection” by Joan Ocean. They are also noticeably independent and have a connection with dolphins and the sea. This is believed due to the dolphin’s bio-electric field removes any unnecessary fear of the sea. They are also having heart-centred joyful and loving nature, full of resourcefulness, confidence and accelerated coordination.


Here is an article about dolphin children by Paula Peterson and stories from parents of these children. If you feel resonate with these stories, please share your stories with us.

We become aware of these dolphin children, as a result, we started ‘The Dolphin Generation‘ which aims to connect all the dolphin children and parents around the world to share knowledge and information about how to raise this generation.

We also became aware of the new movement of Dolphin Parenting, proposed by Dr. Shimi Kang. Here is an article.

A Case for Parenting the Dolphin–Not Tiger–Mom Way

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In our journey of exploring the parenting and lifestyle that suits us for this new generation, we realised that we are the ones to be raised!

‘Our children hold the power to ‘raise’ us into the parents they need us to become’ Dr Shefali Tsabary

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