Dolphin Doula Course


A Dolphin Doula:

• Recognizes dolphins (& whales too) as spirit animal guides
• Believes in the invaluable relationship between cetaceans, pregnancy, and birth
• Allows herself to be guided from a place of deep listening & trust
• “See’s” the baby (like dolphins do with their sonar) and holds space for the babies experience/perspective at all times AND guides the parents toward this awareness whenever possible
• She knows how to read the field and dive deep. She also knows how and when to come up to the surface in support of each families journey
• She has a relationship with play, joy, trust, and surrender
• Recognises theinterconnectedness of all beings and all things; this is something she celebrates!

You will observe, learn, assist and experience:
Holistic Prenatal Care
Using the Fetoscope
Gentle WaterBirth
Holistic Postpartum Care
Gentle Birth Practices including Delayed Cord Separation
Lotus Birth
Cord Burning
Placenta Examination
Newborn Examination
Lomi Lomi for Pregnancy
How to Support a Labouring Mother physically, emotionally and spiritually

Course Insight


If you’ve landed on this page, then you are probably ready to learn the art of Dolphin’s way to assist childbirth.

And, I’d love to help guide the way.


This course will give you ideas and techniques to master the Dolphin Doula way of assisting birth.

You will be able to-


  • Facilitating Successful Consultations
  • Packing The Doula Bag
  • Navigating Interventions & Protocols
  • Doula Services: Hospital vs. Home
  • Supporting Informed Consent
  • Facilitating Pre & Post Birth Visits
  • Holding Space / Witnessing Birth
  • Birth Integration
  • Principles of Pre & Perinatal Psychology
  • The Role Our Initial Imprints Play
  • Spirit Baby Communication Techniques

After years of working with pregnant mammas and dolphins, I have been constantly asked to do this course. Hence, the Dolphin Doula course was born.

So, let’s take a peek at what you get when you sign up for this 3-month online course.

  • Nine training sessions with Ally

  • Weekly worksheets

  • Eight visualisation audios to prepare you and your pregnant ladies for a easy and joyful dolphin birth and loosen the fears around birth

  • Three months of unlimited email support from Ally

  • Dolphin Doula Certification

  • Six Dolphin Birth Art postcards

  • Facebook Dolphin-Doula community

  • Ongoing support from the Dolphin-Doula community

The cost of this course is

Please contact Ally if you are interested to have more information or register for this course.