Round The World Baby


Just like the dolphins, we like to go anywhere in the world when it is the time for us.

At the moment, our daughter Nalia is 4 years old and has been to more than 22 countries in 4 continents. Our journey of travelling around the world with our baby will be published in this book. The stories are mainly focused on our trips to Hawaii, Taiwan, England, Spain, Slovakia, Austria, Portugal, Thailand, Nepal, Amazonian jungle in Peru and India. Most of them are spontaneous and full of joy and challenges.

When people warned me that “you need stability for your baby,” “travelling with a baby is irresponsible and dangerous,” and “you are insane to take your baby to deep jungle in the Amazon,” I know in my heart that I am doing the right thing for myself and for our baby. I am against this limiting belief that once you have a baby, you have to give up your life and give it to your baby. Life is short, take your baby and enjoy the ride in the world!

Some parents get traumatised that they cannot travel as much as before or as they like after having children. Some people are put off the idea of having babies because of this belief. I would like to give an example that it doesn’t need to be that way. You can still live the life of your dreams with your baby. It will be the best example that you can give to your child.

I am aware that many of you are against this idea of travelling with babies or children. It is not for everyone. It happened to us as it is aligned with our dreams and visions. Everyone has different ideal lives. I still believe there are many benefits to it. For example, in the modern world, kids are given a ridiculous amount of toys because parents want to keep them entertained in the house. However, these young lives need constant new discovery and exploration but toys don’t satisfy their desire. They get bored quickly and also become possessive with the material world.

Through my experience with travelling with our baby, I realised that because she is constantly exposed to new environments, languages, cultures and people, she is excited just observing and exploring the differences. She is less attached to any toys or possessions and more eager to share or give what she has. She loves contact with humans, animals and nature, rather than mountains of lifeless toys.

I will share with you interesting stories from our trips. It is full of challenges and at the same time miracles. Some insights into how we can make a conscious choice of lifestyle with our babies are also shared. This life experience will assist them grow up with a global consciousness and strong connection to nature.

I am also sending out an invitation to travelling families who want to share their stories. We would like to collect more inspiring stories which gives different accounts on their personal journey, learning and sharing how they overcome common challenges. If you are inspired to share your story, please send me an email.