I was born on a small island off Taiwan in the Pacific Ocean, where dolphins used to gather, play and live. I love dolphins and I constantly visited them when I lived a simple island life during childhood. What I remember now about my childhood was mainly dolphins and the first moment I touched them, the feeling of a special, magnificent sparkle.

However, I still grew up in the high-pressured society of Taiwan where competition and money-oriented qualifications were emphasised. I ended up becoming a mathematics teacher, gaining high respect due to the Confucian cultural traditions, and of course a high salary followed. It was expected of me by my family to be socially considered successful.
After a few years of teaching, I started feeling that it was not fulfilling for me although I was leading a life of privileged success. I decided to save up for further study in England so that I could experience a new life abroad. For the first time I experienced a life of freedom and openness of the world. I was fortunate to continue my doctoral study with scholarships at the University of Cambridge. However, this feeling of prestige that I had reached the highest degree in one of the best universities of the world did not satisfy my heart’s desire. I fell into depression during the second year after gaining high grades in the first year, losing my goal of life and passion for living, thinking if I was able to be so clever and so what. I knew with my heart that this path was not for me. I felt torn apart with the dilemma between having a successful career with the title of PhD from Cambridge and living freely with the life of my dreams.

Just at the moment I decided to quit at my final year of gaining my PhD, an amazing synchronicity happened. When I was writing to confirm that I did not wish to continue the following year of study and residency with Cambridge, a dear friend, Juan, invited me to join him with great projects. This has changed my life completely. I was sent on a spiritual and heart-fulfilling journey!

The following years after Cambridge have been the most exciting years of my life. Juan and I travelled in South America for a year, and then at the end of the year I got pregnant. This pregnancy was challenging as I had to choose between a conventional birth in the hospital or an exciting dream of giving birth with dolphins in Hawaii. Of course, I chose the second, and this journey has completely transformed me into living a life of my highest dreams.


Here I am sharing with you my first book: “My Dolphin-Empowered Birth–The Dolphin’s Way.”

Watch the book trailer here:

As a continuation, we have been around the world like the dolphins since our baby has shorn her light to the world. I would like to share with you our journey of travelling around the world with her in this second book called – “Round the World Baby”.