The Dolphin’s Way aims to share with you a way of living life with freedom, love and joy. We aspire to empower families around the world to journey into the frequency of love, trust and surrender.

We are passionate about dolphins, pregnancy & birth, parenting and lifestyle. Our mission here is to share our journey about what we have learned from following our heart, travelling the world and our birthing, parenting and lifestyle choices.

Here is an intro about The Dolphin’s Way-

Yu-Wen Allison Lu- BSc, MEd, MPhil


My name is Allison Lu, founder of The Dolphin’s Way and co-founder of The Dolphin Generation.

I was a mathematician, teacher and post-graduate student, studying maths, education and technology at the University of Cambridge in the UK.

Five years ago, I embarked upon a world traveling adventure and it has been an incredible, enlightening experience that continues through this very day!

As most women can attest, pregnancy was a very transformative experience. But my pregnancy was transformative in another way, as it rekindled my love of dolphins; a passion with roots that can be traced back to early childhood. I was blessed with the amazing opportunity to swim with wild dolphins as I was pregnant and the experience was beyond that which mere words can convey!

I went on to enjoy a peaceful, natural birth while living in Hawaii. It was these two very transformative experiences that led me to my mission in life; my reason for being.

Today, I spend my time engaged in my passions as a writer, dolphin and pregnancy retreat facilitator, full-time mother and a natural birth advocate, who finds tremendous inspiration in dolphin energies.

Shakti (Kasia Wierzbicka)- Pregnancy Retreat Facilitator 


Shakti originally comes from Poland, but settled down in India in 2005. Shakti has been supporting women in achieving their natural pregnancies and births since 2006. Her care is grounded in earth based wisdom ,which incorporates the spiritual aspect. She has a loving yet empowering approach in supporting women during their childbearing year.

She has been part of Birth India NGO from its inception and has been teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga, assisting pregnancies and births as a doula, spiritual midwife and Hypnobirthing practitioner. She accomplished her Yoga Teachers training with Sivananda school, further her studies she decided the become a Hypnobirthing practitioner with USA Hypnobirthing institute. Later she completed her midwifery studies with Elena-Tonetti-Vladimirowa and Gloria Lemay.

Her practice is an integrated approach merging the wisdom of East and West. She strongly emphasises the need for body awareness, healthy intimacy, nutrition, non-invasive midwifery, swimming, dancing, singing, art therapy, watsu, healing birth traumas, positive affirmations, ceremonies, women’s reconditioning, and empowerment work. The Goddess tradition is very close to her heart, however she doesn’t practice any religion.

Shakti’s goal is to raise the collective consciousness through conscious birth. She is collaborating with the team of midwifes, doulas and therapists for facilitating pregnancy retreats in Auroville, India with Ally.