A Blueprint for Dolphin-Assisted Birth

Have you felt a calling to connect with dolphins during pregnancy? Are you inspired by the idea of a dolphin-assisted birth but cannot find a way to get more information?

Here we provide some Know-How information!

This booklet is created for you to get more understanding and ideas about Dolphin-Assisted Birth. We start with some background about how dolphin-assisted births gained popularity over the last 30 years; what it is about and how it has merged from natural birth movement, water birth to dolphin birthing movement.

Misconceptions about it are also discussed as there has been a ridicule in the media. Later, we move on to some information about the spiritual birthing connection that helps easy and joyful birthing process, which is assisted, empowered and inspired by the dolphin’s energy and consciousness.

Some often asked questions, such as where in the world people practice dolphin-assisted births, as well as logistics of how to organise one are also presented in detail. Some real and inspiring dolphin-assisted birth stories will be shared. A community of dolphin-birthers are also to be within your contact to exchange information and get assistance on how to plan your own ideal dolphin-birthing experience.



If you are interested in this new book, please keep in touch! We will announce once it is going to be launched!

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