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The dolphin’s way is a way of living, inspired by the dolphins. Living in joy, freedom, love and unity.

Our mission is to empower women to journey into their motherhood with ease, joy and positivity, enhance dolphin-human connection and inspire our new humanity to love, trust and surrender. As our life's journey keeps being inspired and transformed by the dolphins, we offer our information, connection and assistance in the areas of pregnancy, birth, parenting and lifestyle. Please check below for more info.



Allison Lu is a birth educator and artist involved in dolphin energy and water healing work. She has had pre-natal contacts with wild dolphins in Hawaii and birthed her child with the blessings of dolphin energies. She shares the magical birthing experience in her book ‘Dolphin-Empowered Birth’. Today, she spends her time engaged in painting dolphin-healing art for birth, serving pregnant women with her Dolphin Doula programme, and travelling around the world giving workshops, talks, art exhibitions and retreats. She has incorporated Watsu, Lomi Lomi and hypno-birthing into her doula practice. She is the founder of ‘The Dolphin’s Way’ and a co-founder of ‘Birth Awake Auroville’, in which she dedicates her time to illuminate and draw conscious attention to dolphin consciousness during this time in the beginning of Soul’s journey.

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The Misconception about Dolphin-Assisted Birth

The Misconception about Dolphin-Assisted Birth

Oct 11, 2016 | No Comments

I have been asked all the time about the Dolphin-Assisted Birth and most of these inquiries are to do with ‘how can we have a birth with dolphins?’. This question comes with an assumption that there is such a place in the world where you can go to and have your baby born with dolphins. […]

Dolphin-Human Connection and its Importance in Childbirth

Dolphin-Human Connection and its Importance in Childbirth

Sep 21, 2016 | No Comments

I am very honoured to be invited by Francoise Freedman to be speaking about this topic on the 22nd of September, 2016 in Cambridge, U.K. If you like to know what this conference is about please see here for the conference info. During the process of preparing for this presentation, I am re-discovering more and more about […]


  • Testimonial

    Life as a mother has a way often of bringing focus and clarity to those things we need most… in the time when it is most appropriate for all.

    I read your book, felt your soul… resonated so with your journey and with your pure love for the Dolphins.

    I too have grown up with the sea and these beautiful beings wove their lives into mine. At a time my inner being felt really disconnected with the truth of who I am. At that time, some 20 years ago… I knew no way to resolve the pain of contrast that my heart and soul experienced. The happy moments I spent in the sea, surfing swimming until I was really fit. And I would jump from the rocks and swim back to shore with the pod of Dolphins visiting in the bay.

    One day I saw and felt the pod call me and I swam out beyond the breakers, Here the Dolphins caught me into a spinning weaving vortex of over thirty Dolphins!

    They were so happy to be with me, oh I could feel it as I feel it even now writing to you. My so called depression and all the pain of experiencing the contrast in South African society…. was lifted and I entered an incredibly euphoric state.

    Each Dolphin in the vortex had an instant of connection as they gave me eye contact and a splash of their tails… I describe it as you do in your book… the most incredible and unconditional of all feelings.. just love, pure real love

    hmm… the message over and over again…. I love you… I love you… I love you…. I love you… I love you…. I love You…. you can imagine and feel how this was, you who have been in this spinning vortex of Dolphins. Whew! Its really amazing beyond any beautiful dream….

    Allison…. I know that this experience is awaiting all of humanity… the animal, bird, insect, human creatures of Gaia are waiting for this event to happen!

    Oh… I know its potential and I’ve felt it inside my heart as realizable. So my reaching out to share this in such a heart felt way with you… is because of this inner knowing and bright expectation for our planetary awakening!

    Like you, I live day by day, dream to dream, vision to vision as I awaken into the fullness of own Love.

    It is most probable that my 11 year old daughter and I will be going to stay with a community of bushman people and I will work amongst the local indigenous people of Botswana for a while.

    Birth with Dolphins to me… is just how you described it… it doesn’t matter whether one gives birth in the water beside them, its the frequency of love that these beautiful beings raise us too!

    And this I believe can really change our world

    For now… I leave this as an open space and a happy reunion with a soul sister! Like Jasmin, a Dolphin person…. here is my hand and my smile in friendship

    Lots of Love


    - Sarah- South Africa

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